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I am a virtual assistant, resident in Toronto, ON. I work for Firms Social, along with many corporate clients. I'm proficient in a range of administration skills, Microsoft products, and event planning since 2012.

People frequently ask me what my favorite job was - it's difficult to narrow it down to the one! I love working at jobs which I am passionate about.

I love walking and walks with My Golden Retriever, Buddy and wakeboarding in the local lakes. You can find me playing the bass guitar in my band at live events throughout the Toronto area when I'm not working on any projects or helping other people on Zoom calls.


What We Ate Today + Supplements We Take | Vegan Family

1 min read


What We Ate Today + Supplements We Take | Vegan Family Healthy Lifestyle Social Network     •     August 15, 2022, 1:50 pm As a couple of busy parents with a busy toddler, we still manage to make some pretty epic plant-powered meals amidst the craziness! Hope you guys enjoy our favo...Read more


Scaling Your Business with Free Website Traffic| Affiliate Workshop with DotcomPal

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A little traffic not doing you any good? Well, then why settle for less when you have a lot of scaling potential? Know ways you can use to take your web traffic to the next level, paid vs free options, marketing channels that you can use to blow your audience number, etc., with affiliate expert […...Read more


Working Hard Is STOPPING Your Business Growth

1 min read


Working harder on your business is not the answer, in fact more often than not it’s stopping your business from growing because. The famous phrase ‘work smarter not harder’ has some truths to it and I want to explain why working harder isn’t always the right way, and how you can work smarter...Read more


RogerDunn: CW “The Briefing: Amazon, Snap soa…”

1 min read


RogerDunn: CW “The Briefing: Amazon, Snap soa…” Roger Dunn (     •     August 13, 2022, 2:58 am The Briefing: Amazon, Snap soar on earnings, Arcellx prices IPO, and More JasonHanson: CW “Register for Session: SaaStr B…” Jason Hanson (@Ja...Read more


How To Scale Your Personal Brand – and Grow Your Authority, Reach, Subscribers and Influence

1 min read


Special thanks to GoDaddy for sponsoring this video. Building a personal brand is a complex undertaking, but once you’ve established a foundation and are delivering value consistently to your audience, the next question is how to scale it. In this video I share 9 ways you can scale your personal b...Read more


Opportunities in the area of Management Consulting

1 min read


* This article was originally published here...Read more


Expanding Your Business With Free Tech Tools

1 min read


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Evolution of Human Resource Management

1 min read


Zarate C., Human Resource Management, Copyright 2014, C&E Publishing Inc. QC Philippines No copyright infringement intended. For lecture purposes only* This article was originally published here...Read more


How To Start A Barbecue Business: Tips Of The Trade – Episode #275 w/Derrick Wood

1 min read


Derick Woods has gone from a process of backyard BBQ grilling to now having a lucrative mobile food enterprise. After spending a decade mastering his craft he has now been able to experience the concept of “ the riches being in the niches.” We sit down to talk about his story, business journey a...Read more


The Changing Face of Human Capital Management

1 min read


Terrence McCrossan, DVP of Strategy and Business Development at ADP discusses the changing face of Human Capital Management, the benefits of outsourcing and the ADP Vantage HCM(SM) difference.* This article was originally published here...Read more