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I'm a Graphic Designer, creative thinker, and solution seeker. I am an incredibly generous person and love to be around people who are curious about the world. I enjoy eating good food from across the globe, but my favorite barbecue is Texas BBQ!

When I'm not working I am usually mountain biking across the Montreal area or going for walks with Rex, my Pug.


HCI Webinar: Utilizing Social Learning in Your Learning & Development Strategy, with Nellie Wartoft

1 min read


In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Nellie Wartoft about utilizing social learning in your enterprise learning and development strategy. Check out the podcast here: Nellie Wartoft started as a young entrepreneur in her early teen years in ...Read more


1 min read

59051374083e045f3752cb67b7114b80* This article was originally published here...Read more


eBay Seller FAQs and Unique Scenarios Explained

1 min read


You’ve heard about the new IRS reporting thresholds for Form 1099-K that went into effect this year, but you may have some follow-up questions about how it applies to you. Let’s look at some common concerns we see from online sellers and how to handle some unique situations, like pricing and sel...Read more


Do we need Vegan supplements – B12

1 min read


Do we need Vegan supplements – B12 Healthy Lifestyle Social Network     •     August 8, 2022, 12:49 pm There’s a lot if misconceptions about veganism and supplements. In this video I discuss b12. Affiliate links42.5 Leica Nocticron: 12-32 lens: http://amz...Read more


Public Sector Human Resource Management

1 min read


If an organization can be defined as a group of people working toward a goal, and management can be defined as the process of accomplishing these goals through other people, then the subject of this course is the development of policies for effective use of human resources in an organization. Stated...Read more


FIX THIS When Training, and Watch How Your Workouts Improve | Mind Pump 1871

1 min read


00:00 Intro 1:09 Mind Pump Fit Tip: What you TRAIN, you STRENGTHEN! 10:16 Your parents’ generation was just DIFFERENT. 16:36 Is Gen Z forcing social media to evolve? 25:06 Resolving your marital disputes was different in medieval times. 26:30 The origins behind the saying “Jack of all trades, ma...Read more


The Little Engine(s) That Could: Scaling Online Social Networks

1 min read


Google Tech Talk (see below) June 17, 2010 Presented by Josep M. Pujol. ABSTRACT The difficulty of partitioning social graphs has introduced new system design challenges for scaling of Online Social Networks (OSNs). Vertical scaling by resorting to full replication can be a costly proposition. Scali...Read more


Human Resource Framework

1 min read


Have you ever tried to assemble a jigsaw puzzle? Without the picture on the box? You have all these odd-shaped little pieces of colored cardboard but no clear idea of how to start putting them together. For many managers, knowing how to hire employees, give them performance feedback, and decide on a...Read more



1 min read


Professor Nelson Phillips, Associate Dean of Faculty and Research at Imperial College Business School, explains how the focus for small businesses needs to shift from starting the business to accelerating growth.* This article was originally published here...Read more


The Best Customer Acquisition Funnels for a SaaS Startup

1 min read


Customer acquisition funnels for SaaS startups work differently than other businesses. This video breaks down everything you need to know about acquiring customers for your SaaS product. From customer acquisition cost (CAC) to customer acquisition strategy, watch to make sure you’re doing the righ...Read more