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I love to travel.
The best thing about the blog for me is the ability to discuss anything, from personal life to current events.


Soft and Hard Approaches to Human Resource Management *HRM)

1 min read


This short revision video explains the essential differences between soft and hard approaches to human resource management (HRM). alevelbusiness businessrevision aqabusiness tutor2ubusiness alevels edexcelbusiness businessalevel HRM* This article was originally published here...Read more


MichaelHayworth: CW “Q-Commerce: Have you heard of …”

1 min read


MichaelHayworth: CW “Q-Commerce: Have you heard of …” Michael Hayworth (     •     August 13, 2022, 2:56 am Q-Commerce: Have you heard of it? What is Q-Commerce and How it's Growing? RogerDunn: CW “Innatearchiectureaspect” Roger Dunn...Read more


1 min read


* This article was originally published here...Read more


Launching a Construction Business | Step-by-Step Guide for Contractors

1 min read


► LIMITED TIME: Get your free construction business starter kit: The purpose of this guide is to cover the basic essentials of launching your very own construction business, including the 9-step process, licenses, financing, legal information, marketing, and mor...Read more


$WBD shakeup, streaming earnings, Locket raises $12.5M, Lina Khan/FTC sues Meta | E1526

1 min read


0:00 J+M intro today’s topics! 2:46 Lon Harris joins to break down what is going on at Warner Bros. Discovery 14:05 Grammarly – Sign up for a free and get 20% Grammarly Premium at 15:22 Is streaming subscription revenue a viable business compared to big box office hau...Read more


4 Common Misconceptions About the New 1099-K Reporting Threshold

1 min read


If the new 1099-K reporting thresholds have you confused as an eBay seller, you’re not alone. But don’t worry — eBay and TaxAct have partnered up to help you separate fact from fiction.Below we’ll address some common misconceptions you might have heard about these changes and the truth about...Read more


7 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money With Passive Income

1 min read


For many people, passive income sounds like the dream. After all, who doesn’t want to earn extra income on autopilot? Especially in 2022, as we are all dealing with the effects of high inflation rates.Let’s look at what society considers to be passive income, how to get started earning passive i...Read more


Novel food: food supplements

1 min read


Novel food: food supplements Nutrition Social Network     •     August 7, 2022, 1:37 pm This focuses on plant extracts, synthetic cannabidiol and engineered nanomaterials. In December 2020 our Novel Foods scientists delivered a series of presentations looking at trends in novel food...Read more


Hogeschool Utrecht Opleiding Human Resource Management

1 min read


Introductiefilm voor de opleiding HRM aan de Hogeschool Utrecht.* This article was originally published here...Read more