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I’m Lauren, but I write for the!
I love to travel and enjoy doing things outdoors like hiking or sitting in coffee shops.
The best thing about the blog for me is the ability to discuss anything, from personal life to current events.


Hiring The Best Team to Scale Up Your Contracting Business | EP #131

1 min read


Every business is unique. BUT… There are specific strategies that can bring you on top of your game—be it in hiring, creating a great working environment, and ultimately, generating more revenue. Like most contractors and CEOs, our guest for today’s episode, Nick Black, has also encountered se...Read more


1 min read

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Process of making Half Rack. Korea’s fitness equipment factory

1 min read


Product in Video : Contact : Copyright(C) 2020. All process of world. all rights reserved.* This article was originally published here...Read more


8 Back-to-School Shopping Tricks to Save Moms and Dads Money

1 min read


Back-to-school shopping can put a serious dent in your bank account. In fact, parents plan to spend close to $700 on supplies this year according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation.Before you run to the store to start shopping, read these eight savings tricks to help you keep mo...Read more


Build Your AUTHENTIC BRAND on Social Media

1 min read


In her book, The Truth about Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: How to Create a Magnetic, Authentic Brand That Unlocks Unparalleled Growth for Your Firm, Kristin Shea encourages financial advisors to remember that people do business with people, and to connect, add value, and engage with thei...Read more


How Can a Remote COO Help Your Business Grow?

1 min read


Sasha Crabtrey, of Remote COO shares: — What is remote COO and what does your business do? — What tips do you have for operational efficiencies? — How do you effectively build, manage, and lead your team remotely? Learn more about Remote COO and get their free Smarter Work(sheet) to gain clari...Read more


Millionaire Starts Over | How to Grow a Million Dollar Business

1 min read


OUR OPTIONS COURSE IS LIVE! GRAB YOURS FOR $200 OFF WITH CODE “LAUNCH” AND GET 1 FULL YEAR OF CHAT ROOM ACCESS FOR FREE! Total value: $1,200. Yours for only $397! Learn how to trade with us: DON’T KNOW E...Read more


Human Resource Management Conference 2019

1 min read


Watch our Postgraduate students talk about their experience of the Human Resource Management conference as part of their study. Read more about our Masters courses:* This article was originally published here...Read more


Best Lead Management Software for Small Business | Lead Management System Company in India #Leads

1 min read


If you want best solution for Lead management for your company then you can ask for a free demo of SAN Softwares P. Ltd Lead Management Software which is best in industry and affordable too. For more information or book a call Visit – Call – 0124-4310736* This article w...Read more


My weight loss Journey in Malayalam|14kg with in Two Month|Ideal Weight|Weight loss Challenge

1 min read


My weight loss Journey in Malayalam|14kg with in Two Month|Ideal Weight|Weight loss Challenge Healthy Lifestyle Social Network     •     August 5, 2022, 11:43 am My weight loss Journey in Malayalam|14kg with in Two Month|Ideal Weight|Weight loss Challenge-9 My weight loss Journey in...Read more